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I’ve smoked for 50 years.  If, like me, you are tired of that crap… and would honestly like to quit, then you have stumbled upon the simplest way to do it.  I’ve spent the last couple years experimenting to the point I can brew my own juice.  I have tried about every known version of vaping contraption on the market today.   I have spent in excess of $1500.

Don’t do that… do this…  Go to the website I note below and spend perhaps $35 or so.  Light up your favorite cigarette in your right hand and hold the vaping device in your left hand.  Take a puff… then take a vape.

Note that about 95% of all the crap is the cigarette.  The vape is relatively harmless in comparison.  (I am not trying to blow smoke here).  Note that the vape is actually pleasant.

I have no interest in this company other than it is the “best tasting” in my opinion…  I do not make a dime off of this recommendation.

Buy the CYNC “Standard battery”. $14.99

Also buy the liquid  “POD”… Black Flag Risen enriched…  $10.99   (choose the 12mg option… that is the nicotine strength)  If you are double cursed with the “menthol” habit then choose that flavor instead.

This will last you several days while you adjust…

You will thank me.



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June 23, 2017 at 11:47 am

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